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Cornish & Devonshire Cottage Holidays
Accessibility for Guests

Our commitment to guests

First and foremost, we see ourselves as a communications company. We spend a huge amount of time detailing every aspect of the holiday homes within our group; we take pride in the way we describe these holiday homes to our customers. Cornish & Devonshire Cottage Holidays are committed to providing you with clear, honest and up to date information with which you can make your booking decision and we believe that you should never be in the dark or in doubt about what you will find in your chosen holiday home.

What we are trying to achieve

You will find that all of our properties have an established marketing layout. Each has a detailed 'about the property' text and this is supplemented with a suite of photographs. In these images we always attempt to show stairs, open spaces along with aspects that might be restrictive, so while our photographs look fantastic we will never try to hide a potential problem.

Along with the images and description you will find that each of our properties has an 'Accommodation and Accessibility' section. This is where you will find the detail which may steer you toward finding a suitable holiday home. It is in no way intended to reflect our opinion on suitability for those with access needs but it will be accurate and detailed.

Some standards and exceptions

In an effort to keep things simple we have established some standards in terms of measurements. A standard door width will be 762mm or wider and standard height is 1981mm or higher, kitchen work surface will be between 910mm and 990mm high. A flight of stairs will be between 12 and 18 steps. When a property has a particularly steep stair case or unusual dimensions we will endeavour to highlight this within the text description.

Where we state that a property is all on one level, this means there is living accommodation on one level, there may be some internal steps on this level and there may also be more floors but these will be indicated in the accommodation section.

Where we describe a walk in shower we would usually expect a shower tray with a rise of between 70mm and 100mm, where this height is exceeded we will do our best to provide details.

This is just the start of the process

Any property identified with increased accessibility may have different levels of provision, we actively encourage any of our guests to contact us to discuss any of your accessibility needs. We will endeavour to give you accurate and objective information to allow you to select your perfect holiday choice.

Our promise

Our commitment to our guests is that at any stage of the process, should you wish to know specific information regarding a holiday home, for example, lay out, amenities or dimensions we will always be delighted to assist and if that means us revisiting the property with a tape measure then that’s what we will do!

Please do not hesitate to contact a Customer Advisor - enquiry@cornishcottageholidays.co.uk - 01326 573808

If you would like to look at any areas in Cornwall in more detail and see what accessible facilities and services are on offer, we thoroughly recommend using this site: Disability Cornwall

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