Banjo Trailer

Week Commencing 16th March 2015


The news series of Poldark is the talk of the office today! We are loving this series so far, especially spotting the various Cornish locations that have been filmed at – we do live in a beautiful part of the world!


In spite of his name, Banjo the Office Dog does in fact spend a lot of his time outdoors, sniffing out new beaches, walks and great places to visit. He loves the freedom of a good run on the beach, and following his nose as he rummages through woodland and countryside.

But what happens when his owners want to go for a cycle? Banjo’s little legs will only carry him so far, and it’s hard for him to keep up… so this week, someone suggested we get a doggy bike trailer!

Although he was a bit wary at first, after a few rounds of the office car park, Banjo soon got used to travelling in his trailer. In fact, we think he quite likes it. So now that he’s all kitted out, and spring is in the air, Banjo will be getting out and about even more! Stay tuned for lots of photos and videos as Banjo makes his way around Cornwall this summer…


Received some great feedback from a guest this morning! A gentleman who encountered some problems upon arrival at his holiday property last month was so pleased with the way our Customer Service team dealt with the issues that he has re-booked for Easter – what a great outcome for all!


Our housekeeping team were out and about in St Ives at the weekend, providing a new owner with a quote for the cleaning and care of their property. Whilst they were there, they took this photo of the harbour and beach, looking glorious against a bright blue sky! We can’t wait for summer!

St Ives











Well of course, we were all excited about the solar eclipse when we came in this morning – and although it didn’t get very dark, we did have a good view from the top floor of our offices!

It’s been another busy week for us with lots of last minute Easter bookings coming in, and summer starting to sell out! We’re looking forward to our weekend team taking over tomorrow so we can get out and enjoy some of this lovely sunny weather…




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