Angarrack Christmas Lights

Angarrack Christmas lights are one of the best-known and most popular displays in Cornwall, with visitors from all around the county making special trips to see them each year. Starting in 1986 as a modest collection of lights in a handful of villagers’ gardens, the display grew quickly year on year, and now the whole village is lit up each December!

Angarrack’s lights display is all about teamwork and community. In the early days, the villagers would attach lights to simple wooden frames wrapped in tinsel; over the years, the villagers became more ambitious - and more skilled in creating bigger and bigger designs - and today the display depicts the 12 Days of Christmas in glorious colour!

Father Christmas’ reindeer also make an appearance each year, as does the impressive ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, flamingos, trains, holly and berries.

Fund-raising activities throughout the year, as well as donations from the public, make sure this wonderful tradition continues year after year.

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