Holiday Cottages in Looe

Looe, separated by Looe River into East and West Looe, is a major fishing port and has a busy fish market. In medieval times, East and West Looe were two individual towns, but today they are joined as one town by a nineteenth century bridge. Looe has always played an important role in the fishing industry, and in the nineteenth century, the port was used in the export of stone and copper.

The harbour is at East Looe, and this side of the town also the main shopping centre; West Looe has several shops and restaurants but is much quieter. The Banjo Pier is a popular point from which to watch the little fishing boats come and go with their catches.

The town's museum is housed in the Old Guildhall in East Looe. This building is one of the oldest in the town, dating back to around 1500.

In 1965, Looe Island, a mile off the Looe coast, was bought by the Atkins sisters. The sisters have written two books, We Bought an Island and Tales from our Cornish Island, detailing their story. The island, which once belonged to the Abbot of Glastonbury, is only safely accessible by boat as the tide comes in very quickly. The island is open to visitors during the summer; however there are no roads or shops on the island. There are two beaches, a natural swimming pool and caves to explore.

Shark-fishing trips from the harbour are popular with visitors to Looe; the sharks are not killed, however - they are merely tagged.

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