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How adding those extra touches can make a guest’s stay simply unforgettable.

Getting reviews such as “WOW! What a holiday!” and “Little Silver Nugget is a gem of a place, lovely place and nice hosts. If you need to relax in comfort book this place you will not be disappointed,” is every holiday homeowners’ dream. This is a reality for property owners Lisa and Peter who own the stunning Little Silver Nugget; they consistently receive outstanding reviews.

From the moment you enter the grounds of Little Silver Nugget, you get the sense you are somewhere special. This property is a real gem of luxury with simply stunning panoramic views, hidden amongst the rolling hills of rural Devon.

Little Silver Nugget

How did Little Silver Nugget get its name?

Sitting on a hill with views looking down into the valley with the River Taw running through, ‘Little Silver’ describes when the sun shines on the river, giving it a shimmering, silver glow.

Little Silver Nugget

How did Lisa and Peter Get into the holiday letting industry?

Lisa and Peter’s story is an unusual one as they had never considered owning a holiday home before. They purchased their home with their family in mind and with the aim of restoring the building. The property in question is a beautiful Victorian house with lovely high ceilings and spacious rooms. They created the annex which became Little Silver Nugget and quickly realised, they were keen to share this beautiful property with guests.

Little Silver Nugget was converted from the original boiler room, coal shute and internal courtyard and is lucky enough to feature an 1895 Victorian pantry, complete with drying racks for cold meat and slate shelves. Lisa and Peter also revitalised the high vaulted ceiling in the entrance and decorated the rest of the property to create a cosy, contemporary feel throughout.

What are the added extras to staying here?

The amount of care and attention to detail in this property is obvious from the moment you enter. From the stunning design and layout of the property, to all the extras you receive as a guest, Little Silver Nugget is a winner. Guests can enjoy their own personal hot tub which comes complete with stunning views overlooking the River Taw. Upon arrival, guests who are staying for a week receive a hamper filled with local goodies, including homemade jam made straight from the orchard, decadent cookies, scones or fresh bread – made in the local village. Whip up an omelette with the eggs from the farmyard chickens, sip on apple juice made exclusively with apples from the on-site orchard. The welcome selection also includes Burts crisps, wine, milk, butter, tea and sugar. Is there a better welcome for your guests than a hamper full of fresh, locally sourced goodies? We don’t think so.

It is clear to see that Lisa and Peter have carefully considered their guests experience. They have supplied thoughtful touches including a coffee machine, smart TV, underfloor heating and even a Sonos 1 smart speaker with Alexa personal assistant. This speaker has been specially modified for guests to ask property related questions such as “Where do I put my recycling?” and, more importantly, “Where is the best pub in the area?” Guests can even request their favourite songs to be played.

Occasionally, Little Silver Nugget has played host to guests who are celebrating those special moments in life – honeymoons, special birthdays and surprise weekends away. This is something Lisa and Peter are always very excited to hear about; “We like to think our property is special and it’s nice to know people are choosing to spend those special moments here.” The owners are always happy to help accommodate those extra requirements upon request and have even been known to display celebratory banners, balloons, flowers and even the occasional cheeseboard.

Little Silver Nugget hot tub

What is Lisa and Peter’s favourite part of the property?

Lisa said; “My favourite part is the entrance. As you go into Little Silver Nugget, the entrance has a vaulted ceiling. Originally, it had a small loft that we took out so we were able to have just the vaulted area. There is a lot of light and it is nice to sit there and look out the window. I like being able to see the changing seasons as you look out over the valley. No matter what the weather, it’s nice to admire the view and see the space. We have a lady who visits from Holland who likes to sit here and write her book.”

Little Silver Nugget Entrance

Peter’s favourite place; “The hot tub. Every time we have used it, it has been lovely and romantic with stunning views. As you sit there, you can see hawks hanging in the air below you but hovering above the tree line as they hunt. I like to sit looking at the light as it reflects off the river or when you see the occasional little two-carriage train chugging across the valley below. Sitting there it feels as though you are part of something magical. We have installed some fairy lights inside the roof so you can switch off the hot tub lights and sit soaking up the experience.”

How do Lisa and Peter achieve such positive reviews?

Lisa and Peter get such outstanding reviews because of the amount of care and attention to detail they put into each guest’s arrival. They advise; “You can never apply enough due diligence and can never think far enough ahead. You have to be as prepared as possible, using the Boy Scout approach. This being said, it doesn’t matter how much you have thought ahead, you will always find you have forgotten something. We have since found that if things do go wrong, the most important thing to remember is how you handle the situation. Unexpected things can and will happen which you are not prepared for. If you have done your best, given the situation, guests will appreciate that.”

If you have a property like Little Silver Nugget, or are thinking about getting into the holiday letting industry and want some help, please contact our owner team on 01326 336773.