Old & traditional cottages

Cornish cottages are packed full of character, and are often built as early as the 1800's - as such, some do not benefit from modern day damp-proofing. This means they may be susceptible to evidence of damp appearing on walls.

The best advice for older buildings and a good way to manage buildings of this style is to heat and ventilate them well in equal measure. Unfortunately, heat alone will actually create condensation to form on this inside aggravating the issue - they are living buildings and as such require a flow of air via the odd open window.

Classic styling

Older granite-built cottages may also not adhere to modern day building regulations. For example, ceiling heights can sometimes be "quirky" or stairs may be narrow or steeper than they would be by today's standards. Please be assured that we can advise you on any aspects of a property that you may be concerned about and we do our best to illustrate the property's features via photographs, descriptions and an accessibility statement.

Please call us with any questions

If you have any mobility issues or particular requirements, we are always on hand to help. There is always someone on hand who will have visited the property who can give you first hand knowledge of the layout, area or accessibility - please call us on 01326 573808 if you want more information.