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Choosing a holiday letting agency in Cornwall- luxury property

As one of the fastest-growing holiday locations, Cornwall tops the list of desirable destinations to own a holiday cottage. Plus, having your own holiday letting business can be a highly rewarding and profitable venture.

Here at Cornish Cottage Holidays, we believe the key to achieving holiday letting success is by partnering with a team of industry experts like us. Whether you have a dog-friendly cottage in Newquay, a luxury townhouse in Padstow, or a romantic bolthole for two in St Ives, we’re here to make holiday letting as hassle-free and as profitable as possible for holiday let owners.

But how do you know which holiday letting agency to choose? There are several different factors you need to take into consideration, so read on for a wealth of advice and answers on what to know when choosing a holiday letting agency in Cornwall.

Choosing a holiday letting agency in Cornwall

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Things to consider when choosing a holiday letting agency in Cornwall

Where are you in your letting journey?

Whatever stage you are at, whether you’re just about to invest in your first holiday let property, have already purchased it, or have even been in the holiday letting business a while, this is the first thing to consider. 

Here at Cornish Cottage Holidays, you can trust us to take the hassle out of holiday letting, wherever you are in your journey. From advising on current properties up for sale to providing information on the potential income you can expect from your property, our local experts are here to support you.

We also understand that a good relationship between owner and agent really contributes to success. We’ll get to know you and your property to work out exactly what’s needed to get the most out of your investment.

What do you want from your property?

Owning a holiday cottage is a lifestyle choice for some and a serious investment for others. Whatever your motivation, there is a lot to understand about getting it right from the start. 

Some people plan on using the property themselves and letting out parts or all of the property when they are not there to help contribute to running costs. Others solely let the property out as an additional income. Deciding which of these options is best for you is another key step in choosing a holiday letting agency in Cornwall. 

At Cornish Cottage Holidays, we never forget that it is your property, and everyone’s situation is unique. Not only will you benefit from having a property managed by a well-established agency, but you’ll also be able to rest assured knowing that you’re in complete control. Our flexible approach and consideration of your personal circumstances are why our owners continue to work with us.

For those planning to run their cottage as a furnished holiday let business, working with a holiday letting agency like us can make it easier to achieve the highest possible return from your property, as well as help you to meet your individual goals and needs. 

What to expect from your holiday letting agency?

Have you thought about the process of letting your cottage and how you want to manage your bookings? Are you going to handle each aspect yourself, or are you going to seek the help of a holiday let management company? These are all very important questions to consider. 

If you decide that having a helping hand with some or all parts of running your business is needed, you’ll want to know that the agency you are interested in can effectively manage, market, and service your property. Here are some things you should expect from your holiday letting agency:

Marketing your holiday cottage

The key to great booking levels and a positive return on your investment is to make sure your property is seen by the largest number of potential customers. Working with an experienced holiday let agency, such as Cornish Cottage Holidays, ensures your property gets the exposure it deserves. 

We use a range of marketing channels to deliver great results. These marketing channels include search marketing, social media exposure, paid advertising, professional photography and more. We’ll enhance your property’s unique features and advise on how best to advertise and market your property to realise its full potential. 

Managing your bookings

In addition to ensuring your holiday cottage is well represented online and benefits from extensive marketing support, you also need to consider the operational side of running a holiday let.

The day-to-day administration and booking management, along with customer relations, is an important but time-consuming part of letting your holiday home. That’s why using a holiday let agency has a big benefit to your business; they save you time and hassle.

Whether a guest is enquiring about property details, making a payment, or has a query about their holiday, our team will be their point of contact. We’ll take care of all the hard work and finer details, so you don’t have to.

A service level that is right for you

Think realistically about how much time you have to dedicate to running a holiday let.  The small tasks can soon add up. Although managing your holiday let yourself can save you money, working with a holiday management agency could be a worthwhile expenditure if it saves you valuable time and provides you with better exposure. 

Our team of friendly local experts work hard to take the hassle out of holiday letting so that you can relax and enjoy the rewards. We pride ourselves on being able to support you in managing your property, whilst utilising our network of trusted suppliers to find the best solutions for your holiday home. 

Benefits of using a holiday letting agency in Cornwall

Choosing a Holiday Letting Agency in Cornwall | View over Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

There are many benefits to using a holiday letting agency in Cornwall, all of which can help make your experience as stress-free as possible. But how do you choose the right agency for you? Take a look at these advantages below to help you decide:

Local knowledge and expertise

Choose local! We are passionate about Cornwall and each of our property consultants has extensive knowledge of the local area and holiday letting market. So, who better to take care of you and your property than a team that has lived and worked in the county for over 50 years? Cornish Cottage Holidays have unrivalled knowledge of the local area and current holiday letting market.

Great return on investment

At Cornish Cottage Holidays, our dedicated team of local experts focus on maximising the return on your investment. This gives you the peace of mind you need, as you’ll know your holiday cottage is in safe hands. 

We know the key ingredients for a successful holiday let and are confident that we can deliver consistent year-round booking levels to maximise your earnings. Take a look at our 2024 Market Insights Report for more in-depth statistics on increasing your bookings and income.

Expert advice and ongoing support

With our expertise and ongoing support, we are able to give you advice on every aspect of your holiday letting journey. From proven techniques on how to maximise your income to what holiday let rules and regulations you need to be aware of as an owner, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re able to keep you up to date with information so you can rest assured that your holiday let and guests are safe and taken care of.

Choose a personalised service

With a local office in Redruth and a wider team at our national Sykes office, we offer a winning combination of both local and national marketing. We really get to know you and your holiday property, meaning we offer an incredibly personal service. This means you’ll always feel in control of your investment.

Whether you need help decorating your property, arranging a cleaning service or anything in between, we can help. We’re big enough to bring your holiday property consistent year-round bookings and income, but we still remember our roots as a family-run company. 

Maintaining property standards

We know how important providing a clean, well-presented property is to the success of any holiday cottage. As with any home, investment in the property is needed regularly in order to maintain standards and encourage repeat bookings.

Here at Cornish Cottage Holidays, we utilise our network of suppliers to help you take care of your holiday let. From housekeeping and maintenance to property checks through winter, our team is on hand to help whenever you need us.

How does it all work?

For us, successful letting begins with a great owner and agent relationship. We’re here to help you navigate your way through the process of building a strong loyal customer base for your property and to ensure our owners experience a straightforward, rewarding and enjoyable holiday letting journey.

There are just three key steps to building a partnership with Cornish Cottage Holidays…

  1. Get in touch via phone or email
  2. Arrange a visit whenever it suits you
  3. We work hard so you can relax

Choosing Cornish Cottage Holidays as your holiday letting agency in Cornwall

Why choose Cornish Cottage Holidays? Well, we are experts in the field.

With over 700 self-catering cottages in beautiful coast and countryside locations throughout Cornwall, all inspected by us, we have the expertise and industry know-how to help you with your holiday letting business.

We want letting your holiday home to be as enjoyable and effortless as possible for you, so we’ve created some helpful guides to answer any queries that you may have. Simply visit our owner advice page to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are holiday lets in Cornwall a good investment?

Investing in real estate has always been a popular choice and buying a holiday home may be the perfect investment option for many. But if you’re considering Cornwall, there are many reasons why holiday lets are great investments. One of the top reasons is that Cornish properties can be fairly inexpensive when compared to places like London and the rest of the South East. Plus, with a massive rise in tourism in Cornwall, it makes sense that having a holiday home here would bring in a good return and profit. You can let the property out all year round if you’d like to, or treat yourself to Cornish Holidays as often as you’d like!


How much do holiday letting agents charge?

It’s a reasonable question to ask. How much they charge can influence which holiday letting agency you choose. The amount a holiday letting agent charges varies depending on who you go with, as well as what your service includes. The commission rate tends to include marketing on a local or national scale and may include property management and other factors. Still curious? Speak to one of our local experts at Cornish Cottage Holidays to have an open and honest discussion about how much letting your holiday property could cost.

How much can you make from a holiday let?

The amount of income your holiday let makes can very a lot depending on a number of different factors. There’s no need to be kept in the dark though – Cornish Cottage Holidays are happy to give you a free booking and income proposal, either based on an existing listing or by visiting your property. We do know that during peak seasons, a holiday home can earn you as much in a week as you would in a month if you had a simple buy-to-let.  This means that whether you’re looking for a small additional income or a full-time business, a holiday let can be a very lucrative and profitable business. Use the following Sykes Cottages income calculator to estimate how much you could make from your holiday let. Read the full details of the Letting Outlook Report for more stats.


Thinking of letting your holiday home in Cornwall?

Holiday letting doesn’t have to be a hassle. As long as you have all the information you need at your disposal, your holiday letting journey can be relatively simple and all the more rewarding.

Choosing the right holiday letting agency in Cornwall is about creating the right partnership with someone who can help take care of as much or as little as you wish. If you get this right, you can ensure that your holiday let is well looked after, successful and profitable, without giving up too much control.

With over 50 years of letting experience, we pride ourselves on delivering the bookings you deserve. Start your holiday letting journey with Cornish Cottage Holidays today and discover how a local brand with national reach can work for you.

Get in touch to see how we could increase your current holiday letting income and bookings. Request your FREE owner’s pack or give us a call on 01326 336773 (option 2) today.

Statistics used through the blog were published in the Sykes Staycation Index 2023.