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Recycling at your property

Holiday home waste collection

Holiday home waste collection is essential to get right and can often be forgotten. When owning a holiday home, there are lots of things you need to consider. You might currently be unsure if you need to employ a commercial waste collection service. Below, we have highlighted all you need to know to get it right.

Local councils deal with waste management from holiday lets and self-catering accommodation as set by Controlled Waste Regulations 2012. In this document, they identify “domestic properties used in the course of a business for the provision of self-catering accommodation” as a producer of commercial waste. This applies to you if you let your property to a paying guest. As a result, you will not be allowed to use the council’s kerbside household collection service.  Likewise, if your property is vacant but available to guests. It is also regardless of if you pay business rates or not. You will need to pay for a commercial waste collection service.

When selecting commercial waste services, what needs to be considered?


Firstly, you need to check that the waste carrier is registered and appropriately licensed. This can be checked by searching the Environment Agency’s website. It is your responsibility to ensure that the waste carrier you employ disposes of the rubbish legally.

Consider the type of waste that will be collected

Secondly, you will want to check the provider can collect a wide range of refuse types, including food, glass, paper, plastic, cardboard and general waste.

What are the waste collection options?

Some companies offer a single bin option and will sort waste for you (except food and nappies). This will minimise guest confusion and can be a convenient way to make sure that waste is recycled correctly. Others companies may charge by the bag or box, making it important to know how many bags/boxes you’ll need in advance, so you can budget accordingly. 

Waste collection from your property
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You need to consider how easy it is for companies to collect the waste from your property. If your holiday home is in a remote location or along a narrow road, you may need to employ a service with smaller waste trucks, this is so they can reach you. Timing and reliability is everything, a driveway full of bin-bags is not the first impression you want to create for your guests. Similarly, you want a provider that is thorough and won’t leave anything behind. 

Keep the waste transfer notes

After each collection, it is your responsibility to check you have a copy of the completed waste transfer note. This will be provided by the waste collection company (usually on an annual basis) and lists all the services provided and the collection frequency. You MUST sign and keep it for at least 2 years as proof for the council that you have acted accordingly. 

Don’t be fooled!

Councils are becoming savvier to those who try to cut costs by leaving holiday let waste with the neighbours for kerbside collection. As a result, any business found trying this could receive a fine.  

How to reduce waste collection costs

Now that you’re paying for your waste to be collected, the simplest way to lower your costs (and benefit the environment) will be to reduce the amount of waste generated by your property. To do this, you need to help your guests, to help you!

Encourage guests to recycle

Make it easy for your guests to understand exactly what goes where. You can do this by clearly labeling bins and containers and if space allows, use different containers for different types of waste.  Additionally, allow for designated areas where they won’t be blown away, knocked over or riffled through by seagulls and other creatures. And finally, make sure you leave clear instructions highlighting the waste collection schedule.

Useful reading:

For more information on the specifics for collection and recycling for your area, visit your local council website. 

Cornwall Council: 

Devon County Council: 

Chenoweth Trading Company:  –  01872 501221 – 0800 307307

Cornwall Waste Care: 807000