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In this blog we are looking at how to make your holiday home eco-friendly. Up and down the country, people are becoming more environmentally conscious; locally sourced food, safer cleaning products and in some cases, altering their lifestyle choices. This has now created its own type of market, Eco-tourism. Huge changes do not need to be implemented in order to be classed as an environmentally friendly property. Here, we have highlighted 10 small changes you can easily make which could attract a wider audience and enhance the eco-friendliness of your property and save you money!

Switch to LED bulbs

Where possible switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. They can last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent one and use less electricity, up to approximately £35 per year.

Indoor gardens

House plants such as cactus, succulents and other indoor potted plants are wonderful at making your holiday home feel welcoming. On top of this, plants are mini carbon scrubbers, converting CO2 into Oxygen.

Curtains, blinds and flooring

We advise good quality, well lined curtains and blinds to keep the heat in and cold air out. They are also a useful security measure against prying eyes when your holiday home is not let too. 

Covering any hardwood floors with cost effective and stylish rugs help to keep your holiday home warm.

Natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning products can be just as effective as harmful chemical ones which are bad for the environment and your guests. These products can be a little more expensive but if you are on a budget, why not consider making your own using vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. The internet is full of some wonderful recipes!

Get a recycling bin- and ask your guests to use it

Guests on holiday generate waste just as they would at home. Every local authority enforces slightly different rules on exactly what can be and cannot be recycled. Clearly label your bins and containers to encourage your guests to use them. Leave instructions  detailing the correct bins to put out and on what days.

For more information about waste collection in your area, please see; Waste Collection for your holiday property.

Re-useable and recyclable products

You can buy recycled products to put in your holiday home too. This could include simple things like kitchen/toilet paper to be provided weekly, or second hand books and video games which can be freshened up each season (Covid-19 permitted).

Welcome packsHamper

Inside your packs you can provide information on local suppliers or even supply locally sourced, fresh organic produce with low food miles from local markets and farm shops. 

You might like to supply canvas or fabric shopping bags for your guests to use when they are out and about. 

You could provide information about public transport, encouraging guests to leave the car behind. This would help cut pollution and give them a more authentic, local feel. It would also allow guests to enjoy the local area when on holiday instead of sitting in traffic.

Try explaining to your guests about what you’re trying to achieve with a short message in your welcome folder.

For more information on creating a welcome folder, see How to put together a guest information folder for your holiday home.

Install a smart meter

Heating is the biggest consumer of energy in your holiday home. It can be easy to waste energy, particularly in the winter months by leaving your heating on for longer than necessary. You can prevent wastage by fitting timer controls which allow you to control and monitor your energy usage. If you have a smart thermostat fitted in your holiday let, you’ll be able to control the heating from your mobile device remotely through apps such as Nest or Hive. No more worrying about guests leaving the heating on when they depart or frozen pipes!

Save waterBathroom sink

Take the time to fix any leaks or dripping taps. Help your guests conserve water by fitting low-flow shower heads and aerators to taps. Why not consider collecting rainwater which can be used to water plants?

Invest in energy efficient appliances

When the time comes to replace them, look for A+++ energy ratings. It’s important to get an appliance of an appropriate size. For example a washing machine with a family size drum in a property which sleeps two will waste energy. As would too small a machine in larger occupancy property.

Applying all or some of these will help make a small but measurable difference to the Eco friendliness of your holiday home. For more information about how you can make your holiday home more environmentally aware, call our knowledgeable team today on 01326 5738080 (option 2).