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by Andrew Jay / Owner

Owner Advice: Financing your next holiday home: advice from the experts

Following our successful pop up shops in partnership with Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management (AFWM Ltd), we learnt many great ways to utilise money and interestingly, how you can finance another holiday property.

There are many ways of raising enough capital to purchase another holiday let but you need to be sure that the return justify the means.



Quick guide to releasing equity

There are specialist mortgages available for holiday home owners and potential holiday home purchasers, a fact that research suggests is still not widely known.

Re-mortgaging your existing property may seem like an odd idea but it could work for you. We strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice before you take out any form of equity release.

Use a trusted local financial adviser

Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management is a South West based Independent Financial Adviser with the aim to offer the highest ethical principles and best service standards available from any Independent Adviser in the UK. AFWM have offices in Helston, St Agnes, St Ives and Chudleigh. Their mortgage team is delighted to help many clients achieve their ambitions of owning one, or multiple holiday homes in the stunning coastal and countryside setting in Devon and Cornwall.

AFWM’s Mortgage Adviser, Chris Towell has over 22 years’ experience working in the mortgage industry. Chris can discuss the many options available to help you buy your perfect holiday home. This includes the number of ways the deposit can be raised, for example through existing savings, re-mortgaging, and if you are over 55, releasing equity from your main residence, or accessing your pension. As Independent Financial Advisers AFWM can analyse your individual situation and advise you on the most cost effective and tax efficient method of raising your deposit. AFWM can also look at all the options available to cash buyers.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about financing a holiday property please get in touch with an Independent Financial Adviser or a reputable company such as Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management. AFWM offer a free initial consultation.

by Andrew Jay / Owner