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Famous landmarks in Cornwall: The Merry Maidens, West Cornwall.

Discover these incredible landmarks in Cornwall and feel awe-inspired!

From huge caverns and underground lakes, to majestic castles and ancient stone circles, there are plenty of famous landmarks in Cornwall to visit.

Plan your break to Cornwall around these iconic Cornish landmarks; whether seeking something for rainy days, or wanting a trip into the great outdoors.

Read on to discover our top famous landmarks in Cornwall to visit…

Cornish Landmarks in North Cornwall

1. Tintagel Castle

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Tintagel Castle, Tintagel.

Definitely one of the most famous landmarks in Cornwall, Tintagel Castle is steeped in Arthurian legend.

Tintagel Castle dates back to the 13th century and was owned by Richard, Earl of Cornwall. Nowadays this Cornish landmark comprises of eerie ruins and steps hewn from the hillsides.

It is home to an imposing statue of King Arthur, as it’s said that the legendary king was born at the castle.

Whether the legend is true or false, it’s an incredible Cornish landmark to visit!

2. Bodmin Jail

This imposing Cornish landmark has sat in the heart of Bodmin for centuries.

Bodmin Jail or Gaol was first opened in the late 18th century and was a place of gruelling punishments and sordid living quarters before it was a famous landmark in Cornwall.

Bodmin Jail’s history is now told via spooky tours along with interactive areas, and expert guides to tell you stories of individual prisoners.

3. Bedruthsan Steps

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Bedruthan Steps, Mawgan Porth.

Bedruthan Steps is one of the most popular coastal destinations along the Cornish coast, and definitely one of the most famous landmarks in Cornwall.

Legend has it that these stacks and stumps of huge rock that jut out from the sea were stepping-stones used by the giant Bedruthan.

In reality, they are fascinating and beautiful geological formations, which have been moulded by the elements over thousands of years.

While visiting this scenic Cornish landmark, extend your coastal exploration up to Porthcothan Beach; a family favourite for it’s sheltered setting and clear waters.

Cornish Landmarks in Bodmin Moor

4. Carnglaze Caverns

Learn about Cornwall’s internationally important role in the Industrial Revolution at this Cornish landmark.

Carnglaze Caverns is a former slate mine and is not only visually spectacular, but also a fascinating dive into the Cornish slate mining history.

The beautiful Underground Lake here is a famous landmark in Cornwall for a reason; everything from tours, weddings and concerts are held here for the unique setting and atmosphere.

5. Brown Willy and Rough Tor

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Men-An-Tol, Bodmin Moor.

Brown Willy is definitely the highest Cornish landmark of them all coming in at 1,378 feet above sea level!

It’s Cornish name is Bronn Wennili, meaning hill of swallows, and is part of the vast and wild expanse that is Bodmin Moor.

Enjoy a day of climbing up this famous landmark in Cornwall and enjoy views of both coasts on a clear day.

Rough Tor is Brown Willy’s younger sibling and is the second highest point in Cornwall, lying around one mile northwest of Brown Willy.

6. Jamaica Inn

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor.

Find this famous Cornish landmark settled in wilds of Bodmin Moor, welcoming weary travellers for nearly 300 years.

The Jamaica Inn was made famous worldwide when Daphne du Maurier wrote the bestselling novel ‘Jamaica Inn’ after finding the inn after getting lost on Bodmin Moor when out horse riding.

Nowadays, this famous landmark in Cornwall tells the tales of smuggling in its dedicated Smuggling Museum, with olde world bars, and a charming bookshop.

Cornish Landmarks in South Cornwall

7. St Michael’s Mount

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: St Michael's Mount, Marazion

St Michael’s Mount is a Cornish landmark sitting 400 yards offshore, accessible by foot when the tide is out.

Rising out of the sea like a scene from a fairy tale, St Michael’s Mount is a stunning sight to behold, especially at sunset.

This small island is home to a castle, church and extensive grounds, all steeped in myths and legend.

Visit this Cornwall landmark, now run in partnership with the National Trust, for a scenic day out.

8. Pendennis Castle

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Pendennis Castle, Falmouth.

Pendennis Castle is an iconic sight and landmark in Cornwall, offering 360-degree views over the town of Falmouth, the River Fal and the Carrick Roads estuary.

Built by Henry VIII, Pendennis Castle has proved to be vital over the centuries in protecting Cornwall and the UK from foreign attack.

It was put to use in both world wars, and was initially commissioned to defend against attacks from France and Spain.

Visit this incredible Cornish landmark to have the castle’s rich and riveting history brought to life.

There are many wonderful castles in Cornwall to explore, offering a great day out for all ages.

Cornish Landmarks in West Cornwall

9. Botallack Mines

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Botallack Mines, St Just.

Jutting out from the craggy cliffs on the St Just coastline are the engine houses of the Botallack Mines.

These landmarks in Cornwall were made even more famous by the popular TV show, Poldark.

The Botallack Mining Walk is a one-mile route taking you around the various mining sites, ensuring you see the best views of this picturesque Cornish landmark.

Discover the rich history of Cornish mining by visiting The Count House workshop and the engine houses for a look at 19th century mining life.

10. Land’s End

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Land's End, Sennen.

Although this famous landmark in Cornwall is a little bit of a tourist trap, it’s still a must-visit for anyone exploring this area of Cornwall.

Land’s End is the most south-westerly point of mainland Britain and is home to some beautiful coastal views.

A tourist attraction area was built around the area, with the famous sign owned by a local photography company and lots to do for families.

Alternatively, why not embark on an adventure? Tackle the impressive Penzance to Land’s End walk, spread over three manageable days.

11. Cornwall Stone circles – Men-An-Tol, Lanyon Quoit, and The Merry Maidens

Famous landmarks in Cornwall: Lanyon Quoit, West Cornwall.

These ancient monuments in Cornwall are well-worth visiting and make the perfect stop on a walk.

These Cornwall stone circles and monuments have historically been used for help with navigation throughout the centuries.

 Men-An-Tol lies near Pendeen and is made up of four stones, one of which is an upright circle with a hole in the middle.

The other two stones either side of it make it seem like the number 101 from a certain angle. It’s thought they were once part of a larger stone circle or part of a ritual.

Lanyon Quoit lies just south of Men-An-Tol and is a dolmen with three support stones, standing at a height of 1.5 metres.

Before a storm caused Lanyon Quoit to fall down, the structure used to have four supporting stones, and was big enough to have a carriages and people on horseback ride beneath it.

When it was put back one of the stones was too badly damaged for it to be put back up, but it is still a remarkable sight.

Another famous stone circle in Cornwall is The Merry maidens, found close to Lamorna. The legend that surrounds these ancient monuments in Cornwall is that they were three local girls who turned to stone after breaking rules of the Sabbath.

Enrich your stay in Cornwall by visiting one of these amazing famous landmarks in Cornwall.

Cornish myths and legends are scattered throughout these historic places, as are beautiful Cornish locations, from land-locked, bustling towns to quaint fishing villages in Cornwall.

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